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2019 Honda Insight

Are you a car enthusiast? Then you have to read up on the review by Francisco Cortes USA on the brand new Honda Insight. This vehicle is a luxury in itself offering a spectacular driving experience. We at Francisco Cortes NY come across many vehicles, but very few make us swoon. The exterior is stylish and the interiors are exactly what you would expect from a luxury sedan.

Here are a couple of interesting features which Francisco Cortes NYC has penned down for you. The infotainment system is unlike any other you have ever experience. It is high tech and yet surprisingly user friendly. Honda has integrated both Apple and Android infotainment into the system. When our team at Francisco Cortes experienced the speaker system and sound, they were pleasantly surprised.

Apart from the infotainment the all-new 2019 Honda Insight comes with a mobile hotspot capability and a 8 inch display. Honda is known for one of the best engines in the world. And they have brought the same in-class driving experience to the new Honda Insight. What’s more? The refined exteriors now boast of their signature grille as well as a sleek stance. There are other features such as automatic headlights which turn on at the right time and allow wheels to swoon over. Francisco Cortes USA also liked the large roomy cabin. The Honda Insight can easily seat 5 people and hence is recommended as a personal car or for very small families.

The boot has amazing space with a new feature of split rear seatbacks which can offer more space when wanted. Francisco Cortes NYC is in the business of bringing one of the best features and car news to you. If you are a true car enthusiast then you have to keep your eyes peeled on this space for more features of the Honda Insight.