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2019 Toyota Avalon

Francisco Cortes USA brings to you the latest news from car shows all around the world. This week’s feature is the Detroit show where Toyota unveiled its Avalon in a brand new look. This is the 5th generation upgrade in the Avalon series and there are some spectacular mind numbing features added.

Let’s get the engine out of the way first. Francisco Cortes NY noticed that not much had changed in this. 2019 Avalon comes with a 3.5 ltr V6 engine with a 300 horsepower and 267 pound torque. These figures though not much impressive tend to make the car more stable and efficient. Although, there is something left to be desired with the amount they are charging.

On our review at Francisco Cortes NYC we found that the Toyota Avalon has moved battery pack from trunk floor to beneath the passenger seat. This has led to more trunk space.

One of the best and unmatched features as noticed by the team of Francisco Cortes is the introduction of apple car play in the infotainment system. However, Toyota has not added any features compatible with Android. The infotainment does come with Amazon Alexa enabled connectivity.

There are other cool features in the Toyota Avalon version as understood by Francisco Cortes NYC. There is automatic headlights and pedestrian detection sensors which will make your drive more smooth. This is one of the main reasons why Francisco Cortes USA has recommended this vehicle for families and other sedan lovers.

Francisco Cortes is known to lay out car facts for car lovers as and when the company releases them. We understand which news and features would be liked by you. We try to bring the latest and most happening developments to you via this space. If you are a car lover then Francisco Cortes NYC is for you.