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This small family car with superb features belongs to the family of Volkswagen group and was originally introduced in the European market. It gained wonderful success with outstanding sales stating the birth of a new vehicle maker in the market. Francisco Cortes NYC has brought to you the Audi A3 with a detailed study of performance, style and features. Audi A3 is introduced in the US market with many new features to compete with market demands in the field of automobile technology and Francisco Cortes NYC has compared each feature from power to safety to provide you a more relevant review.

The Audi A3 features 5 valves per cylinder. This is the second model in the A series after Audi A4 to use 5 valve to give an engine better breathing at higher RPM. The model is available in both front and four wheel drive. It also has turbocharged engine with variable geometry turbocharger so that it meets power demands at higher or lower RPM. Apart from this the 1.9 liter TDI diesel engine develops to an engine power of 178 hp with acceleration of 0 to 100 in 6.8 seconds. Audi A3 also features Pumpe Duse (PD) technology and Haldex Traction based four wheel drives which is not available in most of the family cars.

Talking about transmission, A3 features six-speed manual gearbox and is also available with a high six-speed S-Tronic automatic transmissions. Model A3 also features ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and traction-control which gets activated when engine developed torque and input throttle is mismatched to road surface. Audi A3 also features magnetic ride suspension system and front brake that are ceramic based for better performance. The rear suspension is a four link type with an electromagnetic servo assist steering.

Francisco Cortes NYC gives you all safety details featured in Audi A3. It has sets of air bags for all round safety; Driver side Air Bag, Air Bag passenger side, Front Head side and Rear Head side Air Bag. We at Francisco Cortes believe this to be a great feature especially as Volkswagen is marketing this model as a family car. It also features 4-Wheel ABS system, all Wheel ceramic Disc Brakes, ESP assisting braking, daytime LED lights for safety, Auto leveling head lights and traction control for better off road control and safety.

These are just a few features in the amazingly wonderful Audi A3. You can easily learn more about the latest cars and their features by watching this space.