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Ford Edge ST

Ford has been trying to push off its Edge model on consumers since a long time now. Though, the Edge was pretty power packed and had all the goodness of Ford engine, there was something lacking in it. Nobody would have thought that Ford would go a step further and give the Edge an all new ST treatment. We at Francisco Cortes are here to bring to you this astounding new version of Edge which will be hitting the markets next year.

The looks have been completely redesigned by adding a wide mesh grille and dual exhaust outlets. There have also added enlightening illumination and a brand new look to the bumpers and lift gate. The engine power is spectacular with a 335 horsepower under the hood. We at Francisco Cortes USA think that if you are a soccer mom, then is the car for you to make the statement of the year.

The engine used is the same as the previous version, 2.7 litre twin turbocharged. There is also a brake package which enhances performance and a state of the art suspension tuning. Right now Ford has not disclosed the performance or price structure for 2019 Ford Edge ST. However, you will be the first to know right here at Francisco Cortes NYC whenever they do release the figures.

Ford has built the all new Edge ST to be more powerful, bullish and safe at the same time. The brakes referred to earlier are designed to help drivers avoid roll overs after a crash. The steering assist feature also helps in avoiding other cars on collision course. We at Francisco Cortes NY found that it is really superb to navigate around slowing vehicles.

Keep a lookout on this space to hear about the latest developments on this all new head turner from Francisco Cortes USA.